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Hugh Green & Gabi Venuto owners of Capacity Fitness & Nutrition
Our founders

Hugh Green & Gabi Venuto

Capacity Fitness & Nutrition was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. With no gyms in the city offering outdoor classes on-site, we decided it was time for a safer option. Starting alongside many of the gyms that we’ve been in and out of over the past decade, Capacity Fitness quickly grew into its current location at 1000 Key Highway East, in the Locust Point neighborhood of Baltimore City. Prior to July 2020, we held classes across South Baltimore in Federal Hill Park and just about every parking lot we could find – always leveraging our talents and resources to provide the strongest client experience despite our humble beginnings. From the parking lot days, our focus was different – there is no pressure to finish first, post a top score, or lift uncomfortably heavy weights. The phrase ‘No Pain, No Gain’ will elicit smiles from our staff because of how outdated the phrase truly is. Ending up a sweaty mess on the floor is fun, but it can overshadow true hard work that should be rooted in patience and safety that is required when performing high-intensity physical fitness. We do it differently! Instead of fitting everyone to a corporate model of fitness, we turned things on their side and made the focus personal growth and long-term health. Our approach is personal and our results in our community are unparalleled. If you’re looking for a happy, driven, and inclusive group to sweat with – you’ve found your home.

Our Experienced Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Experienced coaches for nutrition coaching

Hugh Green

Co-Founder / Head Coach / Head Program Design

Born and raised in Baltimore, Hugh played football at Gilman School, before playing NCAA football for Williams College in MA. From his strength & conditioning experience with high level athletic competition, Coach Hugh developed a unique sense of character and leadership that he carries with him to this day. Adding an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2013 to his personal tool kit, he quickly began doing the same in the fitness arena, earning his CF-L2, NASP-CPT, PN-1, NASM-CES, as well as numerous other CF designations for coaching aerobic capacity, gymnastics, and masters athletes. In his free time, Hugh enjoys hiking, watching movies, consuming large quantities of sushi & pizza, playing Nintendo Switch, and creating the best workouts that Baltimore has to offer for his members.


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Experienced coaches for personal training

Gabi Venuto

Co-Founder / General Manager / Asst. Coach

Coach Gabi is currently completing her studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and is excited to share her education around health practice and policy with clients and members in the years to come through strength & conditioning, personal training, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle enhancement. Prior to founding CFN with her partner Hugh, she held management positions in Hospital Health Policy Management. Gabi competed in field hockey in both high school and the club level while at Providence College, and she’s a great competitor to be around! She now shares her story humbly with clients and members to inspire and drive them to be better versions of themselves at Capacity Fitness & Nutrition. She holds both the designation of CF-L1 and NASM-CPT, though her life experiences as both a patience and a nurse are what make her truly special! In her free time, Gabby enjoys hiking, watching movies, consuming sushi, and chasing our cat Max around the apartment with toys.

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