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Welcome to the Capacity Fitness & Nutrition health and fitness blog where each week we work to answer relevant questions around your health and fitness…
We also highlight gym events, member milestones, industry best practices, and everything in between on the fitness blog as we all work to live happier healthier lives. But we also dive into nutrition, which is 80% of any type of healthy lifestyle (did you know that?!).
  • What are the best supplements to take?
  • When should I have protein shakes after working out?
  • What foods will help me burn fat?
  • What is a superfood and should I really eat them everyday?
There’s no shortage of great questions that we come across so we’re going to work to regularly share great content and health information with you on this fitness blog.  Follow along, share with your friends, and get ready to learn all about health and fitness.
  • What meal prep supplies should I keep around?
  • How often should I exercise?
  • How normal are injuries?
  • What are some easy fish meal prep ideas?
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  • I hate to run…how do I get started?
  • What are the best shoes for trail running?
  • What are the benefits of personal training?
  • How do I stay fit and active when traveling?
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