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Our On-Ramp program is the safest way to introduce yourself to functional fitness.  Over the course of 5 or 10 sessions across 4 weeks, you’ll learn to move well and feel better in the process.  After completion, you’ll be ready to safely take any of our classes, feel stronger, and move better than when you started!

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Why On-Ramp?

What Is Our On-Ramp Program?

An on-ramp is the course that teaches the foundational movements of Capacity Fitness & Nutrition plus other movements that are frequently used during workouts. On-ramps also teach the language of Capacity workouts, meaning all the acronyms and the benchmark workouts.

Our on-ramp program last 4 weeks and meets 2-3 times per week. We start our on-ramp program once a month and run them each month for members new to our community.

Introduction to Your Social Environment

Humans are pack animals by nature and evolutionary standards. If your gym is similar to your home, you will create a bit of a pack mentality there. This isn’t a bad thing. It creates strong bonds between you and those you workout with. But this scenario can be intimidating to those who are new to the atmosphere, no matter how welcoming you are. It isn’t because of the people, but more because they sense, “This is not my house and I do not know the rules.”

An on-ramp puts everyone new together and gives them a coach as a guide. This is when we introduce the rules of our gym and how things operate. This is when the newcomers get an idea of the social atmosphere that is developed at our gym and how they fit into it. Since Capacity Fitness & Nutrition runs classes in a community setting, these are things people have to figure out one way or another when they join our community – an on-ramp program help with this.

Teaching Modifications

Each body is different and an on-ramp helps our coaches get to know every new person coming in and their associated physical issues. The on-ramps help coaches learn about each person individually and how they can help their needs.

A new member may have had a shoulder surgery and was just released to come back and work out. Without the on-ramp it is hard to give someone in that situation the attention they need. Or what about someone with osteoporosis? Or any number of other chronic or temporary conditions? Exercise can be a form of medicine for many people, but it’s important for our coaches to know how to modify for different people and goals in the gym.

An Emphasis on Nutrition

Have you ever heard the saying you can’t outrun a bad diet? We know this is true, but many new to exercise don’t know much about nutrition. Our on-ramp includes an introduction to healthy eating. Joining Capacity Fitness & Nutrition is the first step, and we advocate dietary change in order to fully transform a person’s lifestyle.

study conducted by Appetite aimed to see correlations between nutrition knowledge and dietary behaviors. The study was a postal survey, using 1,040 adult participants selected at random from general practitioners’ lists in England.

Logistic regression showed that respondents in the highest quintile for knowledge were almost 25 times more likely to meet current recommendations for fruit, vegetables, and fat intake than those in the lowest quintile. Even though this study shows much in the world of statistics, it also shows us that knowledge is an important factor in explaining variations in food choices. As they say, knowledge is power.

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Experienced a well-structured, expertly planned program designed to leave you feeling stronger and safe.

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Correctly learn functional movements that leverage dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.
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Never get lost in the group again. Our 1-on-1 program ensures your success.

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Graduate to our group class, personal training, or a mixture of both for maximum results.

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