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The Happy Coach

Now more than ever, the key to staying healthy is having a great coach.

Your coaches at Capacity Fitness & Nutrition know this new way of life is hard, and it’s been thrust upon you due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to put the “happy” back into your day, and we have so many tools to help you do that! 

1. Accountability—Your coach will stay connected to you through regular communication that will keep you on track. We’ll make sure you are doing your workouts but also remind to you to drink water and avoid emotional food binges in the pantry!

2. Personalization—There are millions of workouts available online, but your coach will first establish some achievable personal goals with you, then ensure you are doing the best workouts to reach those goals.

3. Flexibility—In these uncertain times, your priorities might change day by day, and your coach will be attentive and super responsive. They can change your program to reflect your needs just as quickly!

4. Help with new habits and a healthy mindset—You might be sleeping in, wearing pajamas all day, eating poorly and just feeling down. Your coach will help you build structure into your days at home by helping you set a schedule, providing task lists and planning tools, and supplying mindset work for mental health. We’ll be calling and checking in on you regularly to help establish these new habits for a healthy at-home lifestyle.

5. Social connection—We are social beings, and being happy means staying connected! Along with regular communication about your physical fitness, we will meet with you virtually (through Zoom, Messenger or a telephone call) to have a coffee or chat, and we’ll invite you to join group social events with the gym family!

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