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How to Crush Your Protein Intake: 5 Common Misconceptions De-Bunked!

Judging by all the bars, shakes and powders out there, you could be led to believe that you need a protein supplement. These products claim…

belly fat

7 Easy Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat and Live Longer

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is not just a cosmetic concern; it’s a health hazard. Excess belly fat increases your risk of heart…

warming up

Get Pumped: The Top 6 Best Benefits of Warming Up Before Your Workout

Warming up before exercise can help get your body ready for more strenuous activity and make it easier to exercise. Some of the most important…


Is 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Enough?

For anyone interested in the relationship between exercise and living longer, one of the most pressing questions is how much we really need to stay…

building muscle

How to build muscle with exercise

Staying active is vital for overall health, and it is also the best way to build skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is one of the three…


The Best Time To Work Out Is Actually In The Morning

Hotly debated fitness topics are in no short supply: yoga vs. pilates, cardio vs. strength training, treadmill vs. outdoor running—the list goes on. But no…

lose weight

Tips and Tricks To Reduce Calories and Lose Weight

How to reduce calorie intake Although decreasing the number of calories you consume can be effective for weight loss, cutting calories without considering which foods…


Answering The 10 Most Common Sports Nutrition Questions

How much do I need to eat? Most people burn 1400 to 1800 calories just to stay alive and perform basic life functions each day,…


Put down your water bottle: You don’t need to drink during a 7-minute workout!

I had a new client the other day who—in the middle of an 8-minute EMOM of burpees— freaked out because he ran out of water…


Why it is so Important to Log your Workouts

One of the most important reasons our functional training is so successful is because we get a ‘measurable and repeatable’ result at the end of…

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